Feb. 22, 2022

ME TOO: One Of My Experiences for Young Women

At first, I didn’t pay that much attention to the “Me Too” movement, but when I understood what it was there were floods of memories of how God protected me from dangerous situations in my quest for self-discovery through dating and adventure.

When I was a teen and young woman, we were subjected to sexual abuse all the time on dates and in the workplace. Men felt like they could touch you, pull on you, talk “under your clothes” and try and make you kiss them because they were stronger than you. This is one instance of physical abuse that so many high school girls face when dating an upper classman. I was a freshman in high school dating a senior football player.

The last time I had to be around him was when he slapped me in the band room in front of everyone because I would not sleep with him.

 I remember it well. It was the first time I had been abused by a man. It was after a football game, and he took me to dinner and then said he had to stop by this hotel to get something and asked me to come in and wait. I did, young and foolish as I was. In the hotel room he disappeared and came back into the room in just his boxers. I jumped from siting on the bed waiting and ran for the door and he rushed across the room to block me and put the chain on. I told him if he did not let me out, I would start screaming and tear up this room. He unchained the door and I opened it and ran into the night.

Trying to get my bearing I looked up one side of the dark street, and then the other. I didn’t notice there was someone in the shadows smoking a cigarette. When I turned back toward the hotel to go to the hotel office to call a friend to come get me, the person in the shadows called my name.

I stood there in terror. He stepped out of the shadows; it was a classmate I had gone to school with from elementary who used to tease me by pulling my ponytails. I had not seen him in 4-5 years. He looked at me and then turned toward the hotel just as the abuser stepped out of the hotel room to see where I was. He stepped between me and the abuser; facing the abuser like a man ready to fight, and the abuser went back into the room. My dark angel walked with me to where I could call for a ride.

Now the story of my “Dark angel”. He used to torment me in elementary school. He would sit behind me and pull on my braids, first one and then a little later the other. I would get up and change seats, but he would intimidate the kid I sat in front of to move so he could sit behind me and pull my braids. One day he pulled out a cigarette lighter and lit my braids on fire, I jumped up and started running in circles fanning my hair, just as the teacher entered the room. With one hand the teacher grabbed me and threw me to the floor and started to roll me, with the other hand he grabbed the boy (my dark angel) who had lit me up and pushed him toward the door. He was expelled that day, and so the night of the hotel incident was the first time I had seen him since then. (Look At God!!!)

The next school day the abuser approached me and just slapped me across the face, so much so I saw stars.

Why would I speak with someone who hurt me for being virtuous?  Some years ago, I learned how to clean my chakras. During this process I was able to release and forgive a lot of my abusers, including this one. I closed that chapter to write new ones, which over the last 50-years have been rather successful. I have released it to God to take care of. I wish him well, but I have no desire to speak, see or talk with this person.

 Forgiveness is Divine.