Dec. 2, 2021


I’ve been asked my opinion of seeing the KKK costume and paraphernalia in the new Greenwood Rising “Museum” Exhibit. As I stated in a letter to them after visiting it on opening day, I am offended.

 I felt like Tulsa came alive after a long slumber leading up to and during the commemorations. The ancestors were partying up a storm through us because they were being heard. We were telling their stories, some for the first time. I hoped there would be a library somewhere with all the stories that would be available to the public and not locked away in some organizations vault.

 ALL EXPRESSIONS- events, movies/film features were rejuvenating, reviving, and rejoicing that the truth is out! But most important is that we all connected to this place call Tulsa and our ancestors are proud that we are still here and carrying on.

 Displaying the KKK paraphernalia as it was explained to me, has been in the director’s family since he can remember, and it is there to teach the children of this terrible time in history when adults formed a gang to terrorize other adults with dark skin or slanted eyes.

 As I stated in my letter, Gilcrease, Philbrook, Tulsa Historical Society has not displayed this “treasure”, so why should the only African American exhibit, and in of all places TULSA, display it and put in the narrative that “rising” is remembering your oppressor in the past. Yet when you exit this museum and look across the street, you can view what the oppressor has been up to.


My Letter:

August 10, 2021

Dearest Mr. Armstrong:

 I appreciate your heart-felt rendering of the placement of the oppressor’s costume and regalia, I now understand. I guess it’s my writer’s imagination that envisioned this space as an actual manifestation of the word “rising.”

 As a metaphysician and minister, I don’t take lightly the combination of inferences and tradition. It’s like my mother used to drill into us, “consider the source, and go on.”

 As a descendant of a survivor, a man and woman who lost their livelihood and had to run for their lives at the hand of the type person who wore that costume, it struck my core upon realizing the source of where I was, Tulsa, Oklahoma where the “coloreds are amicable and accommodating”.

 For no man can be blessed without the acceptance of his own head.

- Yoruba proverb

The word RISING totals to-- 40/4

 To sum up the number combination it means –

  • Messages of all kinds are forthcoming.  the birth of a child, the beginning of a business enterprise or a new lifestyle may be announced.  These affairs all require that old habits be left behind. therefore, breaks and separations are a necessary part of this cycle”....the solution to these problems will uncover past procedures that impeded your progress.

 Since the digging of the graves has released the energy of 100 years of silence, the voices of those who perished which are the voices of their descendants will not be silenced.

 It all works together, because WE are a part of the universe of balance. Our voices should be the ones coming from a rising, not the voice of our oppressor…  you want to teach them the birth of past oppression, but not the progress of present oppression.

 I don’t know who came up with the name GREENWOOD RISING, but its life must corelate to the energy that is being pronounced.  Whoever came up with that name put into motion these ideals –

 The total name equals 11/2:

 11 made of two 1's which amplifies the creative originality and individuality of the #1. 

  • It is the number of idealisms combined with aspiration. 
  • Vibrational patterns are charismatic, magnetic and electrical being keyed to limelight activities. The energy of our ancestors – the ones who created black wall street legends in the first place… as in all cases with our clashing cultures – 

As a medium I feel that I must say this here now at the beginning of this new life –the opening of representation of my ancestors rising out of ashes to recreate a successful economic system that was later destroyed by urban removal. The very spot that this museum sits on is not even in the area of our community. Which speaks to evidence that our oppressors once again twist and turn our history to fit their narrative. 

  • This is a testing vibration in which you are required to weigh and analyze the tremendous energy that is flowing through the life of this entity. 
  • If this great specific energy is used unwisely, it can bring on accidents, (a by-product of nervous energy), legal difficulties and impulsive decisions. 
  • This master number can be experienced in the lower vibration, as a #2 if it does not live up to the #11 master potential. This master number, the #11 must be aware that the intellect may attempt to submerge or block the operation of the intuition. 

I guess in my naivety I imagined a place where the survivors can fill in the blanks about what happened in rebuilding and how life has been since then and what our dreams are for the future… but reality is that this is just a political pawn.

 If this entity is to be a leader in some way to the history of Greenwood, Oklahoma USA, you must use these higher vibrations wisely. 

-- He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself. — African proverb


-T. Aduni

True mastery is service [to the community].