Nov. 26, 2021

The Art of Conversation

I did experience something yesterday that I haven’t experienced in a long, long, long time... the ART OF CONVERSATION.

Complete with listening, nodding, shaking of the head in silence rather than interrupting a train of thought with your opinion on the subject.

In the ART OF CONVERSATION when you are in a small group, like sitting around the table after dinner drinking coffee or tea or having desert, you allow each person to finish their train of thought before you offer your own opinion.

In the last few yearsm I have experienced a lack in this courtesy. Maybe it's because we live in an "instant" gratification society. Now days, we are cutting people off before they finish a sentence. It is so exasperating!

When you are a deep thinker like me, your brain access takes a minute to come forward and you are mentally double checking yourself before you speak as to not to say mis-information, but if someone interrupts you and takes the conversation to about them, then you are left feeling disrespected and ignored, like what you were saying is not important.



11.12.2021 18:41

Contessa Danzy