Mar. 9, 2021

First Thing In The Morning

I don’t like getting angry the first thing in the morning... but racist people and incompetent managers really test my humbleness... my ability to hold my tongue... my immediate “you don’t know who you messin wid” attitude... revenge... retaliation...power playing... striking out... murder! – JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL OF MY EMOTIONS!!! – answer came with today’s meditation from ACIM – “The culprit is the ego. It likes to keep us in its power; it relishes in the separateness it makes us feel. Our vulnerability is always exposed when the ego is in control.”

Praying:  Dear Lord—it is not easy to be a Christian. I ask for strength to be a Christian in everything I do and say, so that I will be a credit to Your teachings.  Amen, Ase”


12.12.2021 05:36


For everyone, the basic element is the same. We call it love. We have no thought of attack or comparison or conflict when love is our guide.

12.12.2021 05:35


What you are saying is that we have two inner voices, the Ego and the Holy Spirit? The quieter voice is recognized too seldom, thus chaos often reigns. Makes sense.

11.12.2021 19:15


The EGO (Edging God Out) will lead us astray. Every person discovers the inner voice a bit differently, but we all do access "It" in the quiet spaces of our minds.