The stories that have emerged and the interest in those stories have ignited in us the motivation to speak up.

So many people have revealed that they are descendants of survivors and what they know about how and what they did to survive.

The fact that we are here to tell those stories is a testament of the resilience and fortitude of the surviving families.  

This clip is from the debut of a documentary created for the Greenwood Art Project. The event happened on July 17, 2021. [Courtesy of HAROLD M ANDERSON ARCHIVES & GETTY IMAGES]


31.10.2022 16:16

Patricia Sanders

Keep it going, Little Sis! You're covering all the bases of interest for our people. GREAT!

13.12.2020 23:19

Patricia Sanders

Great site

16.10.2020 13:13

Ed Sanders


07.07.2020 20:15

Jeanie McCrary

It is so very good! I am so happy to be a member of your beautiful family! Love you!

07.07.2020 20:06

Jeanie McCrary

Dunie, I love it! <3

06.07.2020 17:52

william c

wonderful documentary.. important history!