This video is an historical documentation of the business men and women in the Greenwood area of Tulsa Oklahoma spanning a quadrennium (1948 to 1952) who rebuilt from the ashes the Black Wall Street area.

The film is housed at the Smithsonian Museum of American History [Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)] and artifacts are at the Tuskegee University Archives.

We would like to preserve the names of the people in this film so that authentic names are archived along with the documentary.

If you recognize any family member featured in the slide show, please contact us so that we can add their names to this historic film. Please indicate slide number. Thank you.

  • Historical Documentary

    There is no other moving pictures of the
    rebuilding of the
    Tulsa Oklahoma
    Black Wall Street area available.

  • Businesses Highlighted

    It depicts the tenacity, dedication and fortitude
    of a people who would
    not give up when the
    chips were down.

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❤"This was a beautiful and inspiring film about the true history of North Tulsa, where the African American people. The Black millionaires that inhabited the area."- Brenda Barre

👍"Flawless editing! Superb! A very important documentary. The love shines through.- Larry H.

😎"This can be shown in Tulsa Public Schools. - Marsha Campbell

🙂"Over all, very interesting and inspiring. - Unknown Viewer

😀"It was great to see all this footage and to focus on rebuilding our Black Wall Street" - Unknown Viewer

💋"Thank you very much for your hard work in bringing this film to light. Your commitment to resolving this issue shows through. You are making a hugh contribution." - Vera S.